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A Gen Z Experience

i’m looking out the window

at the rain draping from the sky,

the strands weaving into

this sheer rippling curtain.

I know rain is just water

and gravity

But right now I believe it could be

more, and

I want to run into it

be soaked in it

be a part of the magic.

but it’s cold and

I should tune into a zoom lecture about the heart

and how it breaks apart. also

it would be inconvenient

to get my clothes wet,

and indecent to go without clothes.

and maybe the idea of it is enough,

and I will just sit here and watch

someone else dance in the rain,

imagining the sting as each droplet forms on my skin.

I would probably do it, if

only you were here with me.

While convincing you, I’d

convince myself.


the rain has stopped falling now.